There are marketplaces where merchants can buy and sell their businesses! Here is how to buy a business for sale on Exchange marketplace!


Exchange is a marketplace designed by Shopify for buying and selling online businesses. By using the Exchange app, the sellers can list their online stores for sale, including important details such as traffic and revenue data pulled directly from Shopify. The Shopify can’t edit this information meaning potential buyers can feel secure knowing that they are making a safe investment.

The stores and online businesses found on Exchange can range from starter stores to successful and growing ecommerce businesses.

When it comes to the prices, they also vary. The starter stores can cost $50 while the successful ecommerce empires can sell over $1 million.

Exchange is a place where you can find stores of all industries and sizes. For example, you can find established and high-growth stores, dropshipping businesses, print on demand, different categories such as sports, fashion and apparel, furniture, and much more.

When you are searching Exchange to find and buy a business for sale, you should determine first what kind of investment you want to make. You need to ask yourself – How much money am I willing to invest? What are my revenue goals? Are there possible ways you can add extra value to the website?

Each listing includes a description of what you get with the store, together with traffic and revenue information. There are sellers who will also list their reason for selling the business.

Sellers and buyers can communicate directly through the Exchange marketplace by using an anonymous email to negotiate prices or discuss additional information about the store.

Keep in mind that the profit margins can’t be verified by Exchange which is why you should make sure that you confirm and understand all traffic sources, confirm financial info, vet the social media accounts, know exactly what is included in the price, and understand why they are selling the website.

One of the best things about Exchange Marketplace is that they have partnered with to ensure a reliable and safe exchange. Escrow is a service that protects the money during a payment transaction.

Once you’ve found the right business for you, you can start the negotiation process, get all the information you need and finally transfer the ownership. The transfer process usually takes 3-5 days.